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About Me

My name is Mohsen Vafadoost

I am a Business Strategist with a Marketing and Business background and an MBA degree. I am passionate about empowering newcomers and marginalized communities through the use of novel technologies and innovations. In my last start-up, RaGathering, which I co-founded and was responsible for as a Product Manager, I led a team of engineers and designers to build an app for helping newcomers to Canada get engaged within their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the goal of increasing community engagement in Vancouver's Farsi-speaking community, I organized and co-hosted weekly meetings named Tek Talk Vancouver for professionals in technology and science. I  also believe that significant improvements come from activism, and  I try to be a concerned citizen as much as possible by writing analytical notes and articles in different newspapers and my own blog.


Being a fan of entrepreneurship, innovation, and small businesses, I am interested in creating start-ups, designing and business modelling for businesses. I am also equipped with Google Analytics and Google AdWords certifications. I have experience in running, consulting and modelling for start-ups in the software industry and small businesses in manufacturing. I have experience in providing Business Analysis, Business Development, Business Strategy, Personal Branding, Social Media Advertisement, and Pricing services.

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